Berichten door Charlotte Pijnenburg

Prison harnesses

Sue has a beautiful prison carriage, made by Bill Duncan, but she had neither horses nor harnesses for it! And what use is a carriage for picking up criminals to a Sheriff when there’s no way to move it around through his town?
So specially for this cart, Sue had these horses made, and she asked me to create harnesses for them, in an old wild west style. So that’s what I did, and here is the result!
Note that the harnesses do not include a saddle, this has been replaced by an extended breeching on both horses. Also they have bridles made with a minimal amount of straps (easier to tack up and get that carriage going!) and they carry the Sheriff star on their breastcollars, so everyone will know that these horses belong to the Sheriff and no one else!

Marathon pair harnesses

This one has been on my workbench for a while. As you know work was very demanding the last year, but also I had some trouble motivating myself to go make tack in the few free hours I had (guess I was too tired). Anyway, due to a shortage of work, I’ve got more time to make tack again!
So here it is, finally done, two harnesses for marathon pair driving! And remember that I told you about a (if possible) new addition to my harnesses? Well, that worked out, and I can now add logo’s to my harnesses! On these two I used a little rhino head. It’s a reference to the sturdiness of marathon harnesses (just as rhino’s themselves are nice and sturdy, haha).

More nameplate halters!

Wow, 6 more nameplate halters! I think I’ll make a seperate page for these lovely little halters, cause I think I’ll be making a lot more of them.


Nameplate halters

April 2016
This has been on my mind for a while now. Halters with nameplates. I’ve done a fair share of brainstorming, tried several materials and different techniques. But now I’ve found the solution! It’s no easy process, but I’m very pleased with the results and I’llĀ  be able to offer these halters at all time (even when my books are closed). Isn’t that wonderful?!

Also I’ve thought of another nice addition to my harnesses, to make them even more lifelike! This will still take a bit of experimening, but if it works out I’ll share it with you all ^^


Parade set

April 2016
This set was originally meant for my resin Dainty Darcy, but I think that it will stay on Jessy for some time. I’ve started with the bridle in August 2014, and since then it’s been a very slow progress. Though, it was a project, and a project is defined as “a piece of planned work or an activity that is finished over a period of time“.
Finished over a period of time, that sounds like something I can do! Et voila, it has indeed happened, after almost two years this set is done!

The whole thing is roughly based on several Ted Flowers parade sets. I have not added hip drops on purpose, since they are prone to hurt a horse when he canters, not to mention a fast gallop like Jessy is doing.

Welsh stallion roller

February 2016
This stallion roller is a special order the Copperfox company! They are planning to use it for the coverpicture of their catalogue, which will feature all their lovely models.
A stallion roller is used to present a stallion at a horse show. It’s a good way to show a horse because he’s not limited in his movements by a rider, while he’s still walking in frame because of the side reins.

All purpose set

November 2015
Finally a saddle for my Eclipse (the bridle is from 2014)! Don’t you think the seat looks super comfy?
It’s an all purpose saddle with an extra soft seat, so this saddle can also be used for a good long trail or even endurance competitions.

Skijoring set revised

September 2015
You might think you recognize this set, cause it looks like the one I had on Zyde Go Go. Well, you are both right and wrong!
I wanted to adjust the ZGG set to fit on this horse, but I ended up remaking the whole thing, I think only 15% remains of the old set!

And with the live show coming up, I wanted to add a good looking doll. I got inspired, and… Well… You can see what happened, lol.

Parade set – progress

September 2015
I made this bridle a while ago, and now I found some time to finally add a saddle! The set is still in progress, I’m planning to add a breastcollar and the but-decoration later on. But for the time being it’s done!
Wyatt is the current destined horse for it, but in the end it will be Darcy who is gonna wear the complete set, when she’s painted.

Rainbow race set

August 2015
Colours colours colours colours colours colours colours.
Practically every colour of the rainbow are on this set, and more! And Rachel Alexandra’s dark brown coat colour really shows of all these bright hue.