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My name is Charlotte Pijnenburg, creator of high quality tack for model horses. I specialize not in one kind, but in many different styles of tack. English, Portuguese, western, harness, hystoric, almost anything is within my league.

I hope you will enjoy my site. Here’s a little guide for what you can find here:

Tack related:
Tackblog: Find out what’s new!
Tackroom: Here you can see every set I’ve made in the past years.
CharArt ropes: Ropehalters and ropebridles by CharArt.
Winners circle: Pics from winning tack sets by me, provided by my wonderful costumers.

My collection: Pics of almost every horse in my collection are stored here, whether it’s a resin, OF or body.
Other interesting stuff: All not-tack-related stories and items.
Commissions: If you are looking for info about placing commissions, consult this page.
Sales: Sales and info on quick, small orders.