Long lining set

September 2013
I’ve been planning to make this for a while, a long lining set! The ultimate goal is to use it as a tandem riding set, together with a white dressage set on a black horse, but I’m not yet sure if the Irish dressage set that I’ve got at the moment is good for the purpose. I think a white/red set would look better. And that would give me a nice excuse to make a swedisch dressage set, next to my irish dressage set =D

Anyway, here is the longlining set, which can be used for tandem riding as well!

Spanish halter

September 2013
A spanish showmanship halter! Also for Veronika.

Heavy harness

August 2013
This set is a heavy harness for a draft horse, made for the Babette from Jane Schneider. Her model will pull an english dumping cart, so I’ve got adjusted the harness so that it can be used to pull a plow as well as a cart.
This heavily decorated harness is a harness which in real life would be used for parades, shows and other festive events. Harnesses like these are usually very heav because of all the metal, and won’t often be used in everyday life.

Modern bronco halters

These two halters are for Jane S. They are bronco halters, made to fit Brio Sombra.
Bronco halters are originally used for breaking bronco’s (untrained horses), but halters like the ones I made are modernized versions of the original bronco halter, and they are used for everyday horse-handling.
The green halter is not included in this order, it’s a donation for a Dutch live show.

Western bridles

June 2013
Sometimes, I just need a break from complete tacksets. And at those times, I love to make myself a couple of pretty bridles! A couple of weeks ago I needed just that, but I forgot to post it on my site. So see here the result!