Western bridle & rope halter

August 2015
I always love to do donations, but unfortunately enough they don’t fit in my scedule more often than not.
The request for this one came well timed though, it’s a donation for the 4 Leaf Clover Live show! Hope it’s gonna bring in some good money for charity.

I went for a natural coloured leather since most western saddles are natural coloured, so it will be easy to combine this bridle with other tack. Also I chose for a darker shade of red, a colour which blends in nicely with many other colours. I hope the future owner of this piece of art will have lots of fun with it!

Stable halters

August 2015
Two stable halters for Nikki, in my most beloved tasty-chocolate-brown leather!

Victorian Era style harness

August 2015
This was quite a challenging harness. It’s a Victorian Era style harness, as they were used with the Hansom Cab carriage.
The reason why it was more difficult than usual is that it’s very hard to find good pics of the harnesses which were used back in the days with these carts. But in the end I succeeded, and I hope the Amanda will have lots of fun with this piece of art =D

All purpose set

June 2015
As you might have heard, I have found a job! This is very good, but it also means less tack time… That doesn’t mean I’ll quit though! I’m still very much committed to making lots of tack and spreading it around the world =D

In the pics below you see my latest work, a brown english all purpose set for Nikki, made to fit Veronka. But it also fits other horses, so I just hád to try it out on several of my resins ^^ Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures!

Classic pleasure harness with bells

May 2015
Though I prefer to work on traditional horses, classic tack is also within my abilities (and ambitions haha, smaller than that is just crazy small!).
This classic sized pleasure harness is made to fit a fjord cusotm on the Eberl classic haflinger, who will probably go pull pull a sledge with it!! Very exciting indeed. The bells are the perfect size for this horse, measured and downsized to the scale of the haflinger.
I think this harness combined with the very nice custom will make a stunner performance entry. Good luck with it Kim!

Pink western youth saddle set

May 2015
It’s been a little while since I made a western saddle, but I still really enjoy them! This one is a youth saddle (for kids), made to fit on the Just a Dream mold. Tiffany is the owner of this set, and she will show the saddle on one of her amazing customs!
Oh, and the ISH is very pretty in pink too ^^

Pleasure harness

April 2015
This pleasure harness for Rachael will look so good on her cremello stone thoroughbred!  Again I’m using the russet coloured lace here, which seems to be very popular for harnesses. The breastcollar is anatomically shaped, to make sure that the model horse can breath properly, haha.
You might notice the interesting object behind the horse. This is my temporary carriage-impersonator, untill I’ve got something prettier. But at least I can now harness the model properly!

Gaucho set

April 2015
Ever since I’ve made my first Gaucho set (for Yvonne) I’ve wanted to make myself one. Though, with all the commissions to do, I haven’t taken time to make myself tack for a while now. But when my Picasso came in, I decided to find some time for it. And a lot work it is, a gaucho set! Specially with all the pieces of metal decoration, the extra saddle pads and all the other details! Well, at least I didn’t have to make a lot of buckles and strapkeepers haha.
But damn, it looks pretty on my boy!

Duindigt race set

March 2015
Duindigt is a racetrack for horses in the Netherlands, one of the very few tracks here. Marjolein (also Dutch) asked me to make a raceset for her new resin, as if he were racing on Duindigt. To make sure it would fit him perfectly, I was allowed to borrow the horse for a while. And look at the lovely result!

Portuguese set

March 2015
Guess what… Another Portuguese set! One can never have enough of these sets (says me, while I don’t have any portuguese set in my own collection at the moment)!
This set is for Sarah. I’m very excited to see what she’ll do with it performance-wise, since she’s got the whole Eberl Cobra mare conga, with a matching stallion! I think the stallion will be the one who’s gonna wear the set, with a whole line of mares next to him. So that is gonna make one super cool entry, yay!