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My books are currently CLOSED.

On this page you can find my policies and info about ordering.

First comes, first serves.
I accept orders on a first comes-first served basis. This means that the sooner place your order, the higher you’ll be on my waiting list, and the sooner you’ll have your tack!

How to order?
If you want to send me an order, email me on You don’t need to have all the details ready when placing an order, just tell me the rough lines of what you are looking for.

How long will it take?
Tack making is a hobby of mine, which means life is often interfering. Also I usually have a long waiting list. Please do not expect to have your tack within a few weeks. I try to be as quick as possible, but quality is important, and that takes time.

Shipping costs.
I live in the Netherlands, and I’d be happy to ship my tack anywhere! Shipping a package overseas with a track&trace code is 24 euro, and without the t&t it’s 18 euro.

I do like to do traces, for example against resins or paintjobs. But… I am very picky! Please do not be offended when I do not accept a trade.

Prices & payment.
The price of a tack set depends on what kind of tack it is, how much material goes into it and how fancy it is. For example, a plain western set would be less work then a tooled/decorated one.
I’d be happy to share my pricelist, it gives a global idea about how I price my tack. For the exact price of tack, please send me a picture of what you’d like me to make you, and I’ll let you know.
I prefer payments by paypal.
Please note: I do accept time payments, but I do not do refunds.

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