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So, a new page for my site about interesting stuff!

Here I’ll post… Well… Other interesting stuff!! Haha.


It doesn’t seem possible with the amount of model horses I’ve got, but sometimes I don’t have any fitting horse to put a saddleset on. But I don’t want to just let them lie somewhere, cause that could ruin the saddle (just like with real saddles). So after wanting to get these for a long time, I finally ordered three saddlestands from Katie Karney!

They arrived last week, and gosh, they are so pretty <3 I won’t have any saddles lying around anymore!

DSC_0166 DSC_0164 DSC_0157


So, I’ve told you guys a while ago about Fia Sjörgen, a wonderful lady who really is an upcoming sculpter. So far she has sculpted 4 dogs: A mini pincher, shepherd, a rottweiler and a labrador retriever.
The rottweiler has been named to our Dino (full name: Kandinsky Dino), who has been our family pet for almost 10 years. So when my copy of this recently released sculpture reached me, I could hardly wait to prep and paint him!
See here the result, Kandinsky Dino!

DSC_1312DSC_1311 DSC_1313 DSC_1316 DSC_1323 DSC_1331 DSC_1336




Usually, when I feel creative (which is very often!) I’ll grab my leather and tools and go make some tack. Though, sometimes those things are not closeby. On those times, I’ll have to find some other way to enjoy myself! Last week, I had one of those days when I felt very creative but I couldn’t make tack because I wasn’t at home. So I decided to have some photoshopping fun! I’ve always wanted to have  a pic of me on a model with my tack. I just didn’t create one, until now!

I’ve put three pics together: one of Hazel with tack, one of myself and one of a beach.

See here the result ^^



A doll, made by Joan Yount.

For a long time already, I’ve seen amazing dolls on live shows, on mhsp and on blab. They look pretty, they sit pretty, they ride pretty and they impress the judges. And all this time, when I went to my own showcase and looked at my dolls, I saw them looking ugly, sitting ugly, riding ugly and being everything but impressive.

So a little while ago I thought, why not order one of those pretty dolls myself? So I went to Joan Yount, and soon I had ordered a doll =D It took a little while untill I had my payments done, but then Joan started the doll and finished it in an amazingly short time, three days! And it would even have been shorter if her washing machine had not bothered her by leaking.

So, today, I got pics of my finished doll! And she’s beautifull. I can’t wait untill she’s here! She will be able to jump for me, to hunt, to do dressage, and maybe I’ll even let her do some eventing! And she’ll definately appear in a lot of my pics.

IMG_5703 IMG_5700

For more info about her dolls, check out Joan’s site: http://www.o-u-dolls.com/


My dogpack!

It is probably nothing new to tell you guys that I love horses! But other than horses, I’m also very fond of dogs. And not only in real life, no, I also think model-dogs are very cool! But then, of course, only the ones who’s scale fits my horses nicely. So I’ve got a little pack of dogs, and I’m always looking for new dogs!

But seeing that there are not too many availabe, I also cust dogs sometimes. In the pictures below this text you’ll see a running border collie next to a crowling one. The crowling one represents what the running dog looked like first, before I got my hands on him! And as for the crowling dog, I gave him a little repaint also. And the Mini Pincher (made by Fia) is also painted by me. Do I also paint horses? Nope! Haha. Way to much work.

One can never have too many dogs!


And here is a pic of two of my dogs in action (if you pay attention you’ll notice the second dog behind the fence, trying to go after the calf):


I’d like to tell you guys about Fia Sjorgen.

She’s an upcomping artis who’s recently showed amazing skills in tack making, but even more in sculpting.

And even more amazing: She’s sculpting dogs on traditional size, woohoo! (You guys might not know it, but I’m crázy about dogs, and I’m always looking for more nice traditional sized dogs for my performance showing).
Fia has recently finished a mini pincher, and she’s now making copies of the small dog to sell.

And I’ve got one of these cute doggies! I’ve received and prepped her today, and she’s very nicely detailed. I’ll soon paint her (black and tan) and then she can officially join my dogpack!

Here is a picture of my Olivia (that’s the resin’s name) together with her two new friends. She’s the dog on the right:

And Olivia won’t stay Fia’s only dog! She’s also working on a rottweiler, my favourite breed! And even better, it will be a running rottweiler =D That will make him perfect for performance scenes like calf driving (since the rottweiler is also a herding breed).

This is already very cool, but even more exciting is that Fia is gonna name the rottweiler to our Dino (full name: Kandinsky Dino) who has been our family pet for almost 10 years. Such a honour! =D

The rottweiler is not done yet, but you can watch his progress on Fia’s site:



Bring Trouper home fund

Dear model-horse-hobby friends,

As you may know, I’ve been in Africa for almost five months now. I’ve met some amazing people here, and one of those people is Amber Mathewson from Whispering Rain Farms. Amber moved to Africa just short ago, and to move here, she had to sell al her horses that she had in America. Except for one horse, she just couldn’t sell it, he is to dear to her. The name of this horse is Trouper.

The History.
Trouper is a Mustang horse that used to run wild in the mountains of Nevada. Due to over population, the BLM is needed to reduce the herds by offering the wild mustangs up for adoption. In 2007 Patti Colbert and The Mustang Heritage Foundation created the Extreme Mustang Makeover (EMM) www.extrememustangmakeover.com to help showcase the versatility and trainability of the wild Mustang.

That’s how Trouper and Amber Mathewson came to one another. Amber had health issues which should have kept her from taking part in the EMM, but her cardiologist Dr. Troup, helped make it possible for Amber to participate. Amber named Trouper after Dr. Troup. He made it able for her to go and pick up her mustang. Seeing that Amber had to recover from her surgary, she had to take it easy when she started with the wild mustang. So she just spend a lot if time with the mustang, walking through the paddock, singing to the mustang, just letting him get used to humans around him.
Amber was not planning on keeping this horse. She didn’t have the space and money to keep yet another horse. But during the first weeks, it became clear that she and this horse had a special bond. Amber and her husband decided to try and buy the horse after the competition. From this moment on, she started the “bring Trouper home Fund”. She started getting money together by selling one of her horses, having a tack and a yard sale, she did everything she could to get money together for this horse. And in the meanwhile, she was busy training the horse.
On the day of the competition, they heard of the “Dawn Lappin Trainer Assistant Fund”. I quote Amber: “We were asked to write an essay telling why we wanted to keep your mustang, what our plans would be with them and why we needed help funding our purchase. We were told they would pick up to five of us and grant each one up to $500 to go towards the purchase of our mustangs.”. So she joined in, and her story about Trouper proved to be so touching, the judge decided to raise the amount of not 500, but 800 dollar for Amber and Trouper.
It turned out that this was just the amount that they had needed to buy Trouper! So finally, Trouper was home.

Amber moved to Africa short ago. She had to sell al her horses, but she just couldn’t sell Trouper, after all that she had been through with him. So Trouper is now staying with Amber’s parents for the meanwhile. Amber is trying to get money together to bring Trouper home again, but this time, to get him overseas, from America to Africa. I want to try and help Amber to reach this goal. So I thought of the following plan.
I’m going to make a western tack set (not sure yet what it will look like), and I’m going to sell this on MHSP. All the money that I’ll get from selling this set will go to Amber, supporting her new “Bring Trouper home” goal.

Thanks for reading Ambers story. I’ll let you know more when I know more!

The saddle which I’m gonna sell is in progress, here are pictures of what it looks like now:

A couple oflinks:
Troupers facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TrouperTheMustang/
Picture of Trouper: http://www.nacc.edu/trouper/trouper_photos.htm
Troupers site: http://www.whisperingrainfarms.com/apps/blog/

The whole version of Troupers story, written by Amber:
Troupers story, part 1: http://www.nickernews.net/trouper-one.aspx
Troupers story, part 2: http://www.nickernews.net/trouper-two.aspx
Troupers story, part 3: http://www.nickernews.net/trouper-three.aspx